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Swe-Cham News Feed | May 6, 2024


European Diversity Month 2024: Let’s build a more inclusive society together

The Swedish Chamber is proud to take part in European Diversity Month during May, in which the European Commission extend an open invitation to companies and organizations across Europe to collaborate in emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in workplaces and society. Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, explains that: "Diversity and inclusion policies in the workplace can help organisations, employers and workers, embrace the opportunities of a changing world of work, spurred by the demographic, green and technological transitions". 

Keep your eyes open for the many diversity-focused acitvities coming up this month in the Chamber! Join us on May 23 for the insightful event Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech, presented by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Meijburg & Co! This event moves beyond WHY diversity strategy is needed and instead focuses on HOW.

Sign up today: Exclusive discount for Personal Leadership course

Our member Zumflow offers an exclusive discount until May 10th on its Personal Leadership online course for all Swedish Chamber members! The five-week program focuses on effective leadership, helping participants trust themselves, manage limiting beliefs, and achieve goals. Gain new perspectives and tools for your personal growth - sign up today!


Credits: Malmö Arena stage renders/Eurovision2024

Sweden and Eurovision celebrations: a love story

Sweden is getting ready to host an exhilarating weekend as Eurovision Song Contest comes to Malmö Arena on May 11! World known for its impressive music export and as a big fan of Eurovision, Sweden is hosting the competition for the 7th time this year. We extend our best wishes to both the Swedish and Dutch participants! 

Welcome to Ejendal, our newest member!

The Swedish Chamber is very proud to present Ejendals as the newest member of our business network: "For three-quarters of a century, we've been devoted to enhancing workplace safety. Our products serve as evidence of our dedication, ensuring that you and countless others can return home in good condition and prepared for life. And we will persist in this mission well into the future". The Swedish Chamber look forward to meeting Ejendals at upcoming events- Welcome to the network!

WEF: Sweden Ranks 5th Globally in Gender Parity

We kick off International Diversity Month in May by proudly sharing Sweden's top 5 ranking in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2023! Sweden demonstrates an overall 81.5% closing of gender gap, and has especially strong results in political empowerment. The Netherlands is ranked in place 28 out of 145 countries. The key dimensions measured are economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. 


Experience innovative music with Anders Jallén

Visit Nassaukerk in central Amsterdam the first weekend in June to listen to Anders Jallén, Swedish composer and Swedish Chamber member, as he reworks nine Gregorian melodies into a new composition for nyckelharpa and double bass! The concerts are taking place June 1st at 20:00 and June 2nd at 15:00, and also include performances with organ, cello, and baryton. Enjoy!


Credits: Guillaume de Basly/

Steel industry in the lead of the green transition

As a nrew report from a Patron Member Sweco shows, the steel industry spearheads the green transition. By reducing emissions through innovative methods like hydrogen use, Swedish companies, such as LKAB/HYBRIT, are leading the way. More European industries at the forefront of progress are cement, chemicals, and transport.


Swedes in the NL: Voting in the EU Elections 2024

The European Parliament elections are taking place on June 6-9, 2024. As a Swedish citizen living abroad, you can vote by mail, in Sweden, or at the embassy in The Hague. The Swedish Embassy in The Hague will extend their opening hours in order to collect your vote, but the easiest way is to vote by mail. Follow the link below to find all the information from the Swedish Embassy in The Hague on how and when to vote.

What are you voting for? Your vote determines which members of the European Parliament will represent you when new laws are made, regarding environmental issues, security, immigration, social policy, consumer rights, economy, the rule of law, and more. 


InAmsterdam workshops & seminars

InAmsterdam, a well appreciated collaboration partner to the Swedish Chamber, is an official guide for international newcomers to the Amsterdam, full of resources and tips on how to live, work, and study in the Netherlands. We recommend you to have look at their upcoming courses and workshops: 


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